Interview with Kintt from Pandemic

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Interview with Kintt from Pandemic
Written by gosey in article 2 days ago (42 comments) | Tagged in: wow pvp arena pandemic kintt
The Priest from the worlds highest ranked WoW team, also known as Pandemic's Nathan "Kintt" Quinn talks about his teams recent success at the ESL Extreme Masters on Dreamhack, where they claimed their eight consecutive gold medal.

Name: Nathan "Kintt" Quinn
Age: 21
Location: Dallas, TX
Team: Pandemic
Class: Priest
Spec: Discipline (42/19/0)

First of all... 8 straight tournaments is an outstanding performance, what do you have to say?
Just a thanks to the people who have put in the work to actually organize tournaments. Making ones for WoW is definitely an uphill battle.

Why do you think that Pandemic manages to come out on top every time, are you just by far the best team or do you think that the sponsored teams are kind of limited?
Sponsorships are limited without question. Experience at these tournaments is still very much a big deal though, and online play to LAN play is not an automatic translation. Hopefully in the future we will see more teams compete at these events.

"There are quite a few teams at this level of play on BG9."
How would you like to compare the teams in offline tournaments to many of those that you face in bg9 online?

I think that Fnatic.Insurrection and the MoB Teams rank up there in quality opponents, but there are quite a few teams at this level of play on BG9. Getting more top teams from BG9, or any Battlegroup really would make things a bit more interesting.

How does the team selection work in Pandemic, both while in matches and also in selecting players to a tournament?
Well we've always tried to run the best possible group makeup for what we think our opponents are going to run when we play them. This train of thought lead us to developing our lineups at the start and we've just adapted from there. Rogue/mage/priest has continued to be strong, and was always a makeup I thought very versatile, so that was how we selected it for this tournament.

This tournament seemed to be by far the hardest one you have played and you even lost your first match – how did that happen?

The tournament was pretty short notice, and played under a different ruleset then prior tournaments (one that I think leads to closer matches). We were all a bit rusty and out of our comfort zone, but the first match loss was just bad play on my part. As for the rest of the tournament being close, I think part of that has to do with everyone having a pretty good understanding of what we are planning to do, and also that they are just catching up, getting better at playing tournaments, and that matches will continue to be close in the future.

The final was incredibly close aswell as you won two straight matches 3-2 after being down 1-2, how did you manage to come back?
We tried to be fancy and deviate from what had worked for us for a long time, and ended up playing a comp we weren't comfortable running. We went back to what worked, Rogue/Mage/Priest, and it just came out well for us. I wasn't really thinking about the score of the series, just about playing every game as I would normally.
Which of the professional teams do you see as your main competitor?
MoB TurtleForce and Fnatic.Insurrection, Fnatic has been a 1 dimmensional team for quite some time, and now that people know how to consistently defeat them, I'd expect to see some new things from them.

Are there any online teams that you consider as good or maybe even better than some of the sponsored ones?
Yea for sure, I think SpikeX's team from BG5 is very versatile class wise and would be a really good tournament team. I also think Neilyo, Inactive, and Girlz could produce some extremely competitive teams. Theres probably more but that's just what I can think of, off the top of my head.

Pretty much everyone who seem to take WoW PvP seriously seem to be transfering to battlegroup9 in USA, what's your view on that?
I personally like it a lot, as it allows players to find good practice and good teammates. It obviously sucks for the players on other battlegroups, but it's a byproduct of the Battlegroup system that blizzard has implemented.

Which setups (out of the most ”common ones”) do you consider easiest and hardest for you as Rogue, Mage, Priest?
Easiest is probably 3 dps for us, hardest probably hunter, druid, warlock.
"This setup is all about playing aggresively and creating a window to kill someone.."

What tip can you give to players who are new to the Rogue/Mage/Priest setup?
This setup is all about playing aggresively and creating a window to kill someone with the large amount of CC you can output. Always communicate with your teammates when you are using your CC so you can plan for the next one.

What do you think about the 2.3 patch discipline changes for Priests?
I like it, gives some variety to a class that's been pretty pidgeon-holed since the expansion. Choices are always a good thing.

When gearing a Priest, what should one think about, especially gems/enchants/trinkets?
I'd always get Stamina or Resilence gems and enchants, 81 healing on your weapon, and the new 1750 max health trinket. A priest has no real way to get seperation from his biggest enemies, so being able to tank through situations is very important.
What changes would you like to see in WoW PvP, are warlocks/druids overpowered?
Druids aren't really in my opinion, but warlocks on the other hand are a huge problem. Not only do they have unlimited mana, as a mana user in a very mana balanced game, but they also have a pet to prevent their opponents from ever drinking to restore mana. Add this to how self sufficient they are with drain life/siphon life, the extreme amount of damage they can output, and the massive amount of control (especially on caster damage) and they are just pretty insane. I'm not a developer and I don't have the perfect solution, but I can easily tell you something is wrong Smile

What primary changes would you like to see to make WoW more enjoyable for spectators?
"Arena's greatly need is some sort of spectator and/or demo mode."

I think what arena's greatly need is some sort of spectator and/or demo mode. I know there a lot of people who would just love to zone in and watch their favorite teams play each other or download their matches to enjoy at a later time. I realize that might be difficult to do for WoW, but still I think it would be amazing if they could pull it off.

What did you think about the ESL rules compared to the WSVG ones, mainly the one only allowing 3 players?
It sucked only being allowed to bring 3 people from our team, but overall I think its better for the game. It makes it so that teams who cannot afford to send 5 players are not automatically at a disadvantage, and greater increases the value of people who can play multiple roles well.

What rules would you prefer, considering number of players, classes, gear and so on?

3 players is probably the best decision for a roster. Class stacking should not be allowed, and their should be some sort of regulation regarding class swapping. There should also be some sort of time limit introduced, as I foresee drain teams becoming more prominent when class swapping is regulated. I like the way they have done gear thus far, and was glad to see they had season 2 gear on the characters at Dreamhack.
”WoW requires no skill” is a common comment by some gamers, what's your response to that?
I feel their pain at times, as there are situations in WoW where player skill just cannot overcome certain situations. Part of being succesful at WoW though, is planning so that you aren't put in these situations. It's not a game that requires a crazy amount of aim or micro, but there are still players that still do the small things much better then others, and they are clearly better because of it.

Thanks for your time and good luck in your future tournaments, any last comments or shoutouts?
Thanks to Pandemic and our sponsors, Dell, Windows Vista, Intel, Qpad, Plantronics.
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Oui j'avais déjà lu cette petite interview. Toujours interessant d'avoir l'avis de joueur comme lui.
Merci pour le report Wink

Tiens au passage j'ai vu qu'il y avait un nouveau tournoi en préparation, donct pandemic est encore de la partie.
Vont-ils encore win ? bigsmile
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